Pope Gregory IV

Pope from 827 until 844

Pope Gregory IV (Latin: Gregorius Quartus; c. 795-25 January 844) was an Italian priest of the Roman Catholic Church and the 102nd Pope from 11 February 731 to 28 November 741.[1] was Pope from October 827 to 25 January 844.

Gregory IV
Papacy beganOctober 827
Papacy ended25 January 844
PredecessorPope Valentine
SuccessorPope Sergius II
Personal details
Birth nameGregorius
Bornc. 795
Died(844-01-25)25 January 844
Other Popes named Gregory

Early lifeEdit

Gregorius was born in Rome, but the exact date is unknown.[2]


Gregory was a Cardinal and head priest of the Basilica of St. Mark in Rome.[3]


Gregory was elected pope in 844.[3]

During his reign, the Roman port city of Ostia was expanded.[2]


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