Pope Innocent IX

pope of the Catholic Church in 1591 (1519-1591)

Pope Innocent IX (Latin: Innocentius Nonus; 20 July 1519 – 30 December 1591), born Giovanni Antonio Facchinetti, was an Italian cleric of the Roman Catholic Church and the 231st Pope from 29 October 1591 to his death on 30 December of the same year.[1]

Innocent IX
Papacy began29 October 1591
Papacy ended30 December 1591
PredecessorPope Gregory XIV
SuccessorPope Clement VIII
Personal details
Birth nameGiovanni Antonio Facchinetti
Born(1519-07-20)20 July 1519
Died30 December 1591(1591-12-30) (aged 72)
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Early life change

Facchinetti was born in Bologna on 20 July 1519.[2]

He entered the service of Alessandro Cardinal Farnese, brother of the Duke of Parma and grandson of Pope Paul III. Farnese appointed Fasccinetti as the acting governor of Parma from 1556 to 1558.[2]

Bishop change

In 1560, Facchinetti was named Bishop of Nicastro in Calabria.[2]

In 1562, Facchinetti as present at the Council of Trent.[2]

Pope Pius V sent him as papal nuncio to Venice in 1566.[2]

Faccinetti gave up his bishop's role when he was named Patriarch of Jerusalem in 1572.[2]

Cardinal change

Facchinetti was raised to the rank of Cardinal in 1583.[3]

Pope change

Facchinetti was elected pope in 1591;[2] and he chose to be called Innocent IX. He died two months after his election.[4]

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Coat of arms of Innocent IX
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Preceded by
Gregory XIV
Succeeded by
Clement VIII