Pope Pius V

pope of the Catholic Church from 1566 to 1572, saint

Pope Pius V (Latin: Pius V; 17 January 1504 – 1 May 1572), born Antonio Ghislieri and from 1518 called Michele Ghislieri, O.P., was an Italian priest of the Roman Catholic Church and the 226th Pope from 1566 to 1572.[1] He is a saint of the Catholic Church.[2]

Pius V
Papacy began7 January 1566
Papacy ended1 May 1572
PredecessorPope Pius IV
SuccessorPope Gregory XIII
Personal details
Birth nameAntonio Ghislieri
Born(1504-01-17)17 January 1504
Died1 May 1572(1572-05-01) (aged 68)
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Early life


Antonio Ghislieri was born at Bosco in what is now the province of Alessandria, Piedmont), Italy. As a youth, he entered the Dominican Order,[3] and he took the name Michele.



Ghislieri was ordained as a priest in 1528.[3]



Pope Paul IV made him Bishop of Sutri.[4]



Paul IV raised Ghislieri to the rank of cardinal.[4]

Pope Pius IV (1559–65) made Cardinal Ghislieri the Bishop of Mondovi in Piedmont.[3] When Bishop Ghislieri became a cardinal, he did not replace his white Dominican habit with the red robes which most cardinals wore.[5]

Cardinal Ghislieri was elected pope on 7 January 1566;[6] and he chose to be called Pius V.

Pope Pius was involved in Italian and European political disputes.[3]

In the context of the Counter-Reformation, this pope supported the Inquisition in Italy.[7]

Pope Pius excommunicated Queen Elizabeth I of England.[3]

Pius V is credited as the first pope to wear white robes; and since his papacy, white clothing has become traditional.[8]

After his death


Pius V died on 1 May 1572. His tomb is located in the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore; and the pope's body was placed in it in 1698.

Pius V was beatified by Pope Clement X in the year 1672.[3]

Pope Clement XI made Pius a saint on 24 May 1712.[3]



The Coat of Arms of Pius V
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Preceded by
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