Premier of Ontario

first minister of the government of Ontario

The Premier of Ontario is the head of the government of Ontario, Canada.[1] The premier is appointed by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. He or she is the head of the Executive Council of Ontario. The premier is usually the leader of the largest party in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

The first premier of Ontario was John Sandfield Macdonald. He was premier from 1867 to 1871. The current premier is Doug Ford.[2]

Here is a list of people who have been Premier of Ontario since Confederation (the creation of Canada) in 1867:

# Name Took Office Left Office Party
1.John Sandfield Macdonald 1867 1871 Liberal-Conservative Coalition
2.Edward Blake 1871 1872 Liberal
3.Sir Oliver Mowat 1872 1896 Liberal
4.Arthur S. Hardy 1896 1899 Liberal
5.Sir George William Ross 1899 1905 Liberal
6.Sir James P. Whitney 1905 1914 Conservative
7.Sir William Hearst 1914 1919 Conservative
8.Ernest C. Drury 1919 1923 Farmer-Labour Coalition
9.George Howard Ferguson 1923 1930 Conservative
10.George Stewart Henry 1930 1934 Conservative
11.Mitchell Hepburn 1934 1942 Liberal
12.Gordon Daniel Conant 1942 1943 Liberal
13.Harry Nixon 1943 1943 Liberal
14.George Drew 1943 1948 Progressive Conservative
15.Thomas Kennedy 1948 1949 Progressive Conservative
16.Leslie Frost 1949 1961 Progressive Conservative
17.John Robarts 1961 1971 Progressive Conservative
18.William (Bill) Davis 1971 1985 Progressive Conservative
19.Frank Miller 1985 1985 Progressive Conservative
20.David Peterson 1985 1990 Liberal
21.Bob Rae 1990 1995 New Democratic Party (NDP)
22.Mike Harris 1995 2002 Progressive Conservative
23.Ernie Eves 2002 2003 Progressive Conservative
24.Dalton McGuinty 2003 2013 Liberal
25.Kathleen Wynne 2013 2018 Liberal
26.Doug Ford 2018 now Progressive Conservative


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