President of Chile

Head of State and Government of Chile

The President of Chile is the chief of state and the head of government in the country. Under the current Constitution (adopted in 1980), the President is elected by popular (by many people) vote, for a period of four years. Immediate re-election is not permitted. The period (previously it was of six years) allows the elections of Presidents to be adjusted in time.

President of the Republic of Chile
Presidente de la República de Chile
Gabriel Boric

since 11 March 2022
StyleHis Excellency
TypeHead of state
Head of government
SeatLa Moneda Palace
AppointerPopular vote
Term lengthFour years, not eligible for re-election immediately
Inaugural holderManuel Blanco Encalada
Formation9 June 1826; 198 years ago (1826-06-09)
DeputyMinister of the Interior and Public Security
(as ex officio "Vice-President")
SalaryUS$190,466 annually[1]

The President has a seat in the Palacio de La Moneda (La Moneda Palace), in the capital of Chile, Santiago.

The current president of Chile is Gabriel Boric.

List of presidents

The President's flag
Mateo de Toro y Zambrano(1727–1811) 18 September 1810 26 February 1811 † President of the First Government Junta. Died in office.
Juan Martínez de Rozas(1759–1813) 27 February 1811 2 April 1811 Interim President of the First Government Junta.
Fernando Márquez de la Plata(1740–1818) 2 April 1811 4 July 1811 President of the First Government Junta.
Juan Antonio Ovalle(1750–1819) 4 July 1811 20 July 1811 President of the First National Congress.
Martín Calvo Encalada(1756–1828) 20 July 1811 11 August 1811
11 August 1811 4 September 1811 President of the Provisional Executive Authority.
Juan Enrique Rosales [es](1755–1825) 4 September 1811 16 November 1811 President of the Executive Court.
José Miguel Carrera(1785–1821) 16 November 1811 13 December 1811 President of the Provisional Government Junta.
13 December 1811 8 January 1812 Provisional Supreme Authority.
8 January 1812 8 April 1812 President of the Provisional Government Junta.
José Santiago Portales y Larraín [es](1764–1835) 8 April 1812 6 August 1812 President of the Provisional Government Junta.
Pedro José Prado Jaraquemada [es](1754–1827) 6 August 1812 6 December 1812
José Miguel Carrera(1785–1821) 6 December 1812 30 March 1813
Juan José Carrera(1782–1818) 30 March 1813 13 April 1813
Francisco Antonio Pérez(1764–1828) 13 April 1813 23 August 1813 President of the Superior Governmental Junta.
José Miguel Infante(1778–1844) 23 August 1813 11 January 1814
Agustín Eyzaguirre(1768–1837) 11 January 1814 7 March 1814

Supreme directors (1814)

No. Portrait Name


Term of office Notes
Antonio José de Irisarri(1786–1868) 7 March 1814 14 March 1814 Interim Supreme Director.
1 Francisco de la Lastra(1777–1852) 14 March 1814 23 July 1814 Supreme Director.
José Miguel Carrera(1785–1821) 23 July 1814 2 October 1814 President of the Government Junta. Chilean defeat in the Battle of Rancagua, Spain regains control of Chile.

Reconquest (1814–1817)

No. Portrait Name


Term of office Notes
Mariano Osorio(1777–1819) 3 October 1814 26 December 1815 Royal Governor of Chile
Casimiro Marcó del Pont(1770–1819) 26 December 1815 12 February 1817 Royal Governor of Chile. Chilean victory in the Battle of Chacabuco, Spanish control ends.

Living former presidents


There are three living former Chilean presidents:

The most recent death of a former President, was Sebastián Piñera on February 6, 2024, who served in the office from 2010 until 2014 and again from 2018 to 2022.


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