President of Chile

Head of State and Government of Chile

The President of Chile is the chief of state and the head of government in the country. Under the current Constitution (adopted in 1980), the President is elected by popular (by many people) vote, for a period of four years. Immediate re-election is not permitted. The period (previously it was of six years) allows the elections of Presidents to be adjusted in time.

The President has a seat in the Palacio de La Moneda (La Moneda Palace), in the capital of Chile, Santiago.

The current president of Chile is Sebastián Piñera.

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The President's flag

Living former presidentsEdit

There are four living former Chilean presidents:

The most recent death of a former President was Patricio Aylwin Azócar in April 2016, who served in the office from 1990 to 1994.


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