President of Ghana

head of state and head of government of Ghana

The President of the Republic of Ghana is the elected head of state and head of government of Ghana, as well as Commander-in-Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces. The current President of Ghana is Nana Akufo-Addo.[1]

President of the
Republic of Ghana
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Presidential Seal of Ghana
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Nana Akufo-Addo at European Development Days 2017.jpg
Nana Akufo-Addo

since 7 January 2017
StyleHis/Her Excellency
ResidenceFlagstaff House
Term lengthFour years, renewable once
Inaugural holderKwame Nkrumah
Republic established
Jerry Rawlings
Current Constitution
FormationRepublic Day
1 July 1960
1992 Constitution
15 May 1992
DeputyVice President of Ghana
Salary144,000 Cedi annually
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According to Chapter 8, Article 62 of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana, a person shall not be qualified for election as the President of Ghana unless:

  • (a) he/she is a citizen of Ghana by birth
  • (b) he/she has attained the age of forty years; and
  • (c) he/she is a person who is otherwise qualified to be elected a Member of Parliament, except that the disqualifications set out in paragraphs (c), (d), and (e) of clause (2) of article 94 of this Constitution shall not be removed, in respect of any such person, by a presidential pardon or by the lapse of time as provided for in clause (5) of that article.[2]

List of Presidents of the Fourth Republic (1993–present)Edit

Portrait Tenure Elected Political affiliation
(at time of appointment)
Took office Left office
1 Jerry Rawlings
  7 January 1993 7 January 2001 1992
National Democratic Congress
2 John Kufuor
  7 January 2001 7 January 2009 2000
New Patriotic Party
3 John Atta Mills
  7 January 2009 24 July 2012
(died in office)
2008 National Democratic Congress
4 John Mahama
  24 July 2012 7 January 2017 2012 National Democratic Congress
5 Nana Akufo-Addo
  7 January 2017 Incumbent 2016 New Patriotic Party


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