Prince Tomohito of Mikasa

Japanese prince (1946-2012)

Prince Tomohito of Mikasa (寛仁親王, Tomohito Shinnō, 5 January 1946–6 June 2012) was a member of the Imperial House of Japan.[1]

Prince Tomohito
Prince Tomohito of Mikasa on 7 March 2003.
Born(1946-01-05)5 January 1946
Hayama, Kanagawa, Japan
Died6 June 2012(2012-06-06) (aged 66)
Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
Burial14 June 2012
Toshimagaoka Imperial Cemetery, Bunkyo, Tokyo
SpouseNobuko Asō
(m. 1980–2012; his death)
IssuePrincess Akiko of Mikasa
Princess Yōko of Mikasa
Full name
Tomohito (寛仁)
HouseImperial House of Japan
FatherTakahito, Prince Mikasa
MotherYuriko, Princess Mikasa

Tomohito was the first member of the Imperial House of Japan to have a full beard since Emperor Meiji. He was known as "the bearded prince".[2]

Education change

Prince Tomohito graduated from Gakushuin University.[1] In 1968-1970, Tomohito studied politics at Oxford University. He was the first member of the Imperial family to study at a British university since World War II.[3]

Public service change

Prince Tomohito was involved in the promotion of welfare for the disabled and sports.[4]

Genealogy change

The prince was the eldest son of Prince Mikasa who is the younger brother of former Emperor Shōwa. He was a first cousin of Emperor Akihito.[5]

At the time of his death, Prince Tomohito was sixth in the line of succession to the Japanese throne.[6]

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The chrysanthemum symbol of the Japanese emperor and his family.
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