Prince du sang

person legitimately descended in dynastic line from any of a realm's hereditary monarchs
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A prince du sang (prince of the blood) was a member of the extended French Royal Family. This meant that all people except females that were princes of the blood would be entitled to inherit the throne only if every male member of the immediate royal family had died. The main princes of the blood were known as the Prince of Conti and the Prince of Condé as well as the more significant Duke of Orléans. The prince of the blood was entitled to be styled Serene Highness (French: altesse sérénissime) but it was used in writing only. A majority of the princes of the blood had their own apartments at the Palace of Versailles as well as their own townhouses in Paris

The coronet of a Prince of the blood used in coats of arms etc.

Famous princes of the blood


Order of precedence at court

  1. The King.
  2. The Queen.
  3. The Dauphin of France (title of the heir to the throne)
  4. The wife of the Dauphin. (called the Dauphine.)
  5. The children of the reigning monarch.
  6. The children of the previous monarch
  7. The Princes of the blood. (The Duke of Orléans followed by the Prince of Condé then the Prince of Conti.
  8. The nobility. For example, Dukes (duc), then Counts (comte), other titles such as baron & Chevalier.