Proton Bus Simuator

Proton Bus Simulator is a bus simulator game developed by Marcos Elias Picão for Microsoft Windows and Android. It is powered by Unity and was released in 2017.[1] Another version, from the same series, is titled Proton Bus Road, coach bus version, in 2018.[2] In September 2021, it was downloaded 1 million times.

Proton Bus Simulator
Developer(s)Marcos Elias
SeriesProton Bus
Platform(s) Android
Genre(s)Vehicle simulation



The game features four maps, including Aricanduva, representing a large urban cluster. As this is the first map, it is proposed to have more errors and less rendered areas. Aricanduva includes high traffic vehicles and many noble neighborhoods. In addition to this map, there are areas such as Uipe (industrial city region), Fiktivdorf based on European cities and the Longeee rural map.

The game does not have licensed vehicles, but it has similar versions and vehicle mod support.

As of April 2021, the game was still in testing, with the publicly available beta.



Version v246 brought a fictional map of the Europe, Fiktivdorf, and downloadable changes only for the authors, as well as fixes for PC and Android. Then the v247 version brought another Uipe map, a mountain chain map.

After v251, users will be able to create or place a map mods, to facilitate the addition of vehicles in the game, and consolidate the unique ones.

Version v255/257 brought free support for cheap computer booklets,[3] which made it easier to change the direction of the bus later. V258 support for the Aricanduva HD card has arrived, only for powerful PCs.


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