Democratic Federal Yugoslavia

former state in Southeast Europe between November 1943 and November 1945

The Democratic Federal Yugoslavia, was a country in south-east Europe during World War II that existed from 1943–1946.

Flag of Yugoslavia from 1943 - 1946


Map of Yugoslavia in 1945

In November of 1943, the partisans in Yugoslavia created the Democratic Federal Yugoslavia in The Second World War, against Germany and the Axis powers.

In September - November of 1944, the Soviets crossed the Yugoslav border to help the partisans liberate Yugoslavia, the partisans and soviets liberated Belgrade in October,[1][2]

In March of 1945, a provisional government was created in Belgrade, the government.

The partisans would continue to liberate the country until May of 1945, where Germany would surrender, ending World War II for Yugoslavia.

In November of 1945, the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia was formed.



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