Yugoslav government-in-exile

The Yugoslav government-in-exile, was the government of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in exile in Allied countries in World War II.




after the Yugoslav coup in march of 1941, the Axis powers invaded Yugoslavia in 11 days. The government went into exile in Greece and then Palestine and then Egypt and then the UK.

Resistance happened in the occupied regions of the country, the resistance groups were the Chetniks and the communist Partisans. The Chetniks would collaborate with the Axis powers to fight the partisans. So the Allies stoped supporting the Chetniks and started supporting the partisans.

After the war, the exiled government would dissolve and the communist Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia was formed.


  • Peter II (as king)
  • Dušan Simović (as prime minister) (1941–1942)

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