Kingdom of Egypt

20th century North African kingdom
Egypt Kingdom map.png

The Kingdom of Egypt (Arabic: المملكة المصرية Al-Mamlaka l-Maṣreyya, "the Egyptian Kingdom") was the de jure independent Egyptian state created under the Muhammad Ali Dynasty in 1922.

The kingdom was created after the Unilateral Declaration of Egyptian Independence by the United Kingdom. Until the Anglo-Egyptian treaty of 1936, the Kingdom was only somewhat independent, since the British had control of foreign relations, communications, the military and the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan.

Between 1936 and 1952, the British continued to have military presence and political advisers, at a reduced level.

The kingdom was known for corruption. This led to the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 by the Free Officers Movement. In 1953 the monarchy was formally abolished and the Republic of Egypt was established.

The legal status of Sudan was only resolved in 1954, when Egypt and Britain agreed that it should be granted independence in 1956.[1]


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