Puducherry (union territory)

Union Territory of India

Puducherry, which used to be called Pondicherry is a Union territory of India. Pondicherry is divided into four separate parts: Puducherry district, Karaikal district, Yanam district , and Mahe district. These four areas are under one name because they were all once ruled by the French. Chandranagore, the fifth former French colony 30 kilometers north of Kolkata, in West Bengal, India, is now outside this unconnected territory.

Map of Puducherry, Republic of India

When India took control of them, they took them in as one territory. Pondicherry is going through a name change to Puducherry, which means "new village" in the local language. It covers an area of 183 mi² or 474 km²; it is bigger than Andorra but smaller than Saint Lucia.

Its a very nice tourist attraction. Its has many heritage buildings with old French architecture. The Boulevard is ellipse-shaped with two clock towers of the Small Market and the Big Market. The area of boulevards close to the Beach is called White Town. This was the area where initial French settlements were made. That's why it is called White town area.