Rachel Clarke

English physician specialising in palliative care

Rachel Clarke (born 1972)[1] is a British palliative care doctor and writer. She specialises in palliative care for the National Health Service (NHS) in England.[2] From 2015 Dr Clarke has had an active voice in the debate regarding junior doctors' pay rights in the United Kingdom, appearing in multiple television debates on this issue.[3][4]

Biography change

Before re-training as a doctor at age 29, Rachel Clarke worked as a journalist. She produced and directed current-affairs documentaries.[2] Some of these documentaries focused on subjects such as Al-Qaeda, the Gulf War and the civil war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, otherwise known as the Second Congo War.[3]

Clarke's activism began when the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, wanted to impose a new contract upon junior doctors. Dr Clarke campaigned against the government, arguing in print and on screen that imposition would irrevocably damage the NHS. Her debut book Your Life In My Hands was published by John Blake in July 2017.[2]

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