Relativity Media

American media company located in Beverly Hills, California

Relativity Media (sometimes written as RelativityMedia and Relativity) is an American movie studio in West Hollywood, California. It acquires, develops, produces, and distributes movies and produces television programming. It was founded in 2004 by Ryan Kavanaugh.

Relativity Media LLC
Independent LLC
Movie studio
FounderRyan Kavanaugh
United States
Key people
Ryan Kavanaugh, Founder/CEO
Tucker Tooley (President)[1]
Ron Burkle, Principal Partner
ProductsMotion pictures, television programs
OwnerRon Burkle
Colbeck Capital
Number of employees
just below 200 (2012)[2]
DivisionsRogue Life
Relativity Sports[3]
Relativity Music Group
Relativity Interactive
TV Sales and Distribution[4]
Rogue Film Network
Relativity DVD/Blu-ray
SubsidiariesRogue Life LLC

On January 4, 2009, Relativity Media acquired the genre label Rogue Pictures from Universal, for a $150 million.[5] On July 6, 2010, Relativity and Netflix announced a five-year-plus Pay-TV deal. The first two movies to stream on Netflix were The Fighter and Skyline.[6]

On July 23, 2010 Relativity acquired the 45-person marketing and distribution staff of Starz’ Overture Films.[7] On May 20, 2012, it was reported that Relativity and EuropaCorp signed a co-production and co-financing deal on two movies and Relativity will distribute in U.S.[8][9] Relativity also has co-production deals with Atlas Entertainment[10] and Virgin Produced.[11]





Title US Release Genre Director Notes Budget Gross
Season of the Witch January 7, 2011 Supernatural Action Dominic Sena co-production with Atlas Entertainment and Distributed by Rogue $40,000,000[12] $91,627,228[12]
Take Me Home Tonight March 4, 2011 Retro Comedy Michael Dowse co-production with Imagine Entertainment and Distributed by Rogue $19,000,000[13] $6,923,891[14]
Limitless March 18, 2011 Thriller Neil Burger co-production with Rogue and Virgin Produced $27 million $161,849,455
Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer June 10, 2011 Comedy John Schultz co-production with Smokewood Entertainment $20,000,000[15] $15,013,650[15]
Shark Night 3D September 2, 2011 Thriller David R. Ellis co-production with Sierra Pictures Distributed by Rogue $25,000,000[16] $40,136,479[16]
Machine Gun Preacher September 23, 2011 Biographical movie Marc Forster co-production with Virgin Produced $30,000,000[17] $2,527,904[17]
Immortals November 11, 2011 Action fantasy Tarsem Singh co-production with Virgin Produced $75,000,000[18] $226,904,017[18]


Title US Release Genre Director Notes Budget Gross
Haywire January 20, 2012 Action thriller Steven Soderbergh $23,000,000[19] $31,143,859[19]
Act of Valor February 24, 2012 Action Mike McCoy & Scott Waugh co-production with Bandito Brothers $12,000,000 $80,419,713[20]
Mirror Mirror March 30, 2012 Comedy fantasy Tarsem Singh $85,000,000[21] $162,148,385[21]
The Raven April 27, 2012 Thriller James McTeigue co-production with FilmNation Entertainment, Intrepid Pictures and Distributed by Rogue $20,000,000[15] $22,479,542
House at the End of the Street September 21, 2012 Horror Mark Tonderai co-production with FilmNation Entertainment and Distributed by Rogue TBA TBA


Title US Release Genre Director Notes Budget Gross
Movie 43 January 25, 2013 Comedy Peter Farrelly co-production with Virgin Produced TBA TBA
Safe Haven February 8, 2013 Romantic thriller Lasse Hallström co-production with Temple Hill Entertainment TBA TBA
21 and Over March 15, 2013 Comedy Jon Lucas & Scott Moore co-production with Mandeville Films, Virgin Produced and SkyLand Entertainment $13,000,000[22] TBA
Out of the Furnace 2013 Thriller Scott Cooper co-production with Appian Way and Scott Free TBA TBA
Paranoia[23] September 27, 2013 Thriller Robert Luketic co-production with IM Global TBA TBA
Malavita 2013 Comedy-drama Luc Besson co-production with EuropaCorp TBA TBA


Title US Release Genre Director Notes Budget Gross
Stretch Armstrong April 11, 2014 Superhero Breck Eisner[24] co-production with Hasbro Studios TBA TBA

Movies In-DevelopmentEdit

Highest grossing moviesEdit

Movie Release Budget (estimated) Gross (worldwide)
Immortals November 11, 2011 $75 million $226,904,017 million
Mirror Mirror March 30, 2012 $85 million $162,148,385 million
Limitless March 18, 2011 $27 million $161,849,455 million
The Fighter December 10, 2010 $25 million $129,190,869 million
Season of the Witch January 7, 2011 $40 million $91,627,228 million
Act of Valor February 24, 2012 $12 Million $80,419,713 million
Skyline November 12, 2010 $10–20 million[38][39] million $67,520,213[40] million
Shark Night 3D September 2, 2011 $25 million $40,136,479 million
Haywire January 20, 2012 $23 million $31,143,859 million
The Raven April 27, 2012 $26 million $22,304,765 million

Production CompanyEdit







  • Season of the Witch
  • Sanctum (with Universal Pictures and Wayfare Entertainment)
  • Paul (with Universal Pictures, Working Title Films and Big Talk Films)
  • Limitless
  • Battle: Los Angeles (with Columbia Pictures and Original movie)
  • Hop (with Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment)
  • Bridesmaids (with Universal Pictures and Apatow Productions)
  • Cowboys & Aliens (with Columbia Pictures, Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks Pictures, Amblin Entertainment, Imagine Entertainment, DiBonaventura Productions and Platinum Studios)
  • The Change-Up (with Universal Pictures and Original Film)
  • Tower Heist (with Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment)
  • Johnny English Reborn (with Universal Pictures, StudioCanal and Working Title Films)
  • Anonymous (with Columbia Pictures and Centropolis Entertainment)
  • Immortals



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