Riley Silverman

writer, comedian

Riley J. Silverman is an American author, writer, and comedian.[1][2] She has a best selling comedy album called “Intimate Apparel”.[3]

Career change

Silverman is an author of StarWars books.[1] She made an appearance in the “Too Late” comedy horror film.[1]

Television change

Silverman was on Comedy Central's Not Safe with Nikki Glaser.[3] She was also in the STARZ TV series Take My Wife, as Regan”.[3] [3]

Podcasts change

Silverman is also head writer for the quiz show podcast, International Waters (renamed Troubled Waters).[3][4][5] She has a science fiction podcast called "Bubble."[1] She did SyFy channel's limited podcast Forgotten Women of Genre.[1]

Stand-up comedy change

She headlined at Portland's Queer Comedy Festival.[3] Silverman inspired the creation of HoliDames, an all-female comedy show that is performed every December in her hometown, Columbus, Ohio.[6]

Personal Life change

Silverman grew up in rural Ohio, near Columbus.[3][6] As a child, Silverman wanted to be an inventor.[5] Silverman is a transgender woman.[3] She lives in Los Angeles, California.[1] She is a life-long Star Wars fan.[5] She likes cosplay.[5]

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