Royal Canadian Air Force

air warfare and space branch of the Canadian Armed Forces

The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), formerly Air Command (AIRCOM), is the air force of Canada and is often called the Canadian Air Force. It is part of the Canadian Forces. Canada also has an army and a navy.

Royal Canadian Air Force
Active1 April 1924–present
Country Canada
AllegianceElizabeth II, Queen of Canada
TypeAir Force
Role"To generate and maintain combat capable, multi-purpose, air forces to meet Canada's defence objectives."
SizeRegular Force personnel: 14,500
Reserve Force: 2,600
Civilians: 2,500
Part ofCanadian Armed Forces
HeadquartersNational Defence Headquarters, Ottawa
Motto(s)"Sic Itur ad Astra"
"Such is the Pathway to the Stars"
MarchRCAF March Past
EngagementsSecond World War
Korean War
Gulf War 1990–91
Bosnia Herzegovina 1995
Kosovo 1999
Afghanistan War 2001 – 2011
Libya - Operation Mobile 2011
Chief of the Defence StaffGeneral Thomas J. Lawson OMM, CD
Commander of the Royal Canadian Air ForceLieutenant-General Yvan Blondin
Fin flashAir Command Fin Flash Air Command Fin Flash
Aircraft flown
FighterCF-18 Hornet
PatrolCP-140 Aurora, CP-140A Arcturus
ReconnaissanceCU-170 Heron
TrainerCT-114 Tutor, CT-142 Dash-8, CT-155 Hawk, CT-156 Harvard II
TransportCC-115 Buffalo, CC-130 Hercules, CC-130J Super Hercules, CC-138 Twin Otter, CC-144 Challenger, CC-150 Polaris, CC-177 Globemaster III
A plane of the air force

The air force operates all aircraft of the Canadian Forces, including the helicopters of the army and the navy. The air force is made of fighter jets, cargo planes and helicopters.

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