Ryūkyū Domain (琉球藩, Ryūkyū-han) was a domain of Japan in the area of Okinawa Prefecture at the Pacific edge of the East China Sea.[1]

Ryūkyū Province comprised the Ryūkyū Islands, including Okinawa Prefecture.

History change

Map showing southern Kyushu and Ryukyu islands, 1781

In 1609, Japanese forces invaded the Ryūkyū Kingdom.[2] After this, the Ryukyuan kings were forced to pay annual tribute to the Shimazu clan of Satsuma Province.

After the Meiji Restoration, the kingdom was replaced by the Ryūkyū Domain which existed from 1872 through 1879.[3]

In 1879, Okinawa Prefecture was established.[4]

Shrines and Temples change

Naminoue Shrine was the chief Shinto shrine (ichinomiya) of the Ryukyu Islands.[5] In 1890, the shrine was recognized in the system of State Shinto. It is among the ranked, nationally significant shrines or Kanpei-shōsha (官幣小社) which includes five sanctuaries.[6]

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