Saladin Governorate

governorate of Iraq

Salah ad Din (Arabic: صلاح الدين) is a province in north of Iraq. The province has an area of 24,751 km². The capital is Tikrit where Saddam Hussein was born and 1,147,000 people live in the province. The majority population is Sunni. In 2011, the province declared autonomy.[2]

Saladin Governorate
Location of Saladin Governorate
Coordinates: 34°27′N 43°35′E / 34.450°N 43.583°E / 34.450; 43.583
Country Iraq
GovernorAmmar Jabr Al-Jubouri
 • Total24,751 km2 (9,556 sq mi)
 • Total1,595,235
Official language(s)Arabic
HDI (2017)0.659[1]

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