School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences

French higher education institution

École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS) is one of the most selective and prestigious social sciences Grandes écoles in Paris, France.[1]

École des hautes études en sciences sociales
48°50′45.959″N 2°19′44.001″E / 48.84609972°N 2.32888917°E / 48.84609972; 2.32888917

EHESS was originally a department of the École pratique des hautes études, founded in 1868 to train academic researchers. It became an independent institution in 1975. Today, its research covers the fields of economics and finance, cognitive sciences, humanities, and politics, such as the sciences, applied mathematics and statistics, development studies, sociology, anthropology, history, musicology, and the philosophy of the social sciences.[2]

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