Sejo of Joseon

7th King of Joseon Dynasty in Korean history (1417-1468)

Joseon Sejo (Hangul: 조선 세조; September 29 1417 – September 8 1468) was the Korean Joseon Dynasty's seventh king (1455 – 1468). He was the second son of Sejong the Great.

King of Joseon
Reign1455 – 1468
PredecessorDanjong of Joseon
SuccessorYejong of Joseon
Born(1417-09-29)September 29, 1417
DiedSeptember 8, 1468(1468-09-08) (aged 50)
IssueCrown Prince Uikyung of Joseon,[1]
Yejong of Joseon
HouseHouse of Yi
FatherSejong of Joseon
MotherQueen Soheon

In 1429 his peerage was Grand Prince Sooyang. When his father Sejong the Great died in 1450, his elder brother Munjong was crowned. Two years later Munjong died, and Munjong's son Danjong was crowned.

In 1455, he produced a coup d'état and became king of Joseon himself. Sejo's nephew Danjong was expelled after he was murdered in 1455.

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Preceded by
King Danjong
King of Joseon Dynasty
Succeeded by
King Moonjong