individual person as the object of their own reflective consciousness

A self is an individual person, from their own point of view. To you, self is you. To someone else, self is that person.

The following list of topics is provided as an overview of and introduction to the self:

Essence of oneselfEdit

Main articles: Self (philosophy), Self (psychology), and Self (sociology)

Self constructsEdit

Stages of lifeEdit

Major life eventsEdit

Individual rightsEdit

Main articles: Human rights, Individual rights, and Personal rights

You have:

  • security rights that protect people against crimes such as murder, massacre, torture and rape
  • liberty rights that protect freedoms in areas such as belief and religion, association, assembling and movement
  • political rights that protect the liberty to participate in politics by expressing themselves, protesting, voting and serving in public office
  • due process rights that protect against abuses of the legal system such as imprisonment without trial, secret trials and excessive punishments
  • equality rights that guarantee equal citizenship, equality before the law and nondiscrimination
  • welfare rights (also known as economic or social rights) that require the provision of education and protections against severe poverty and starvation
  • group rights that provide protection for groups against ethnic genocide and for the ownership by countries of their national territories and resources

Personality traitsEdit

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Personal valuesEdit


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Self managementEdit

Self-preservation and self-maintenanceEdit

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Harmful traits and practicesEdit

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