Senate Republican Conference

formal organization of Republican U.S. senators

The Senate Republican Conference is the formal organization of the Republican Senators in the United States Senate. The mission of the conference is about informing the media of the opinions and activities of Senate Republicans. Today the Senate Republican Conference helps Republican Senators by giving them communications services including graphics, radio, television, and the Internet.

Senate Republican Conference
Part ofUnited States Senate
Floor LeaderMitch McConnell (KY)
Floor WhipJohn Thune (SD)
ChairJohn Barrasso (WY)
Vice ChairJoni Ernst (IA)
Fiscal conservatism[2]
Social conservatism[3][4]
Political positionRight-wing
AffiliationRepublican Party
Colors     Red
50 / 100

Its current Chairman is Senator John Barrasso,[5] and its Vice Chairwoman is currently Senator Joni Ernst.[5][6][7]

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