Shah Aqeeq Baba

Sufi saint, spiritual surgeon

Syed Asghar Ali Shah Bukhari (c. 1432 – c. 1451) (known as Shah Yaqeeq/Aqeeq Baba) was a Suhrawardi Sufi.He lived in Sindh, Pakistan.[1]

Syed Asghar Ali Shah Bukhari
Urdu: حضرت شاہ عقیق بابا ۔ روحانی سرجن
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c.1432(Jumada al-Thani 835 Hijri)
Diedc.1451 (Jumada al-awwal 855 Hijri) (Martyred by Hindu man)
Sindh, Pakistan
Cause of deathmartyrdom
Resting placeChuhar jamali,Sujawal District, Sindh (modern-day Pakistan)
Other namesShah Aqeeq Baba
EraSamma dynasty
PredecessorSyed Mian Usman Shah(shrine near Jati, Sindh)
SuccessorSyed Shah Kasturi Bukhari (shrine near Shah Aqeeq Baba's shrine)
Parent(s)Syed Muhammad Sharifuddin Bukhari


Shah Aqeeq lived from about 1432 to 1451.[2] He is celebrated as a Suhrawardi Sufi Saint.[3] Shah Aqeeq lived in Uch, Punjab till the age of 7 but after his father Syed Muhammad Sharifuddin Ibn Abdullah Bhukari's death he and their brothers migrated to Sindh. In Sindh Shah Aqeeq met with Mian Usaman Shah. Severals years later he became the successor of Mian Usman Shah.

shah aqeeq grave

Urs (annual death anniversary)Edit

The urs (Urdu: عرس) is celebrated every year in the month of the Jumada al-awwal.[4] The Urs (Urdu: عرس) or anniversary of his death is celebrated in the town of Shah Aqeeq, in Chuhar Jamali in Sujawal District,[5] and there is a shrine to Shah Aqeeq[6] where he is venerated as a "spiritual surgeon" and many visitors believe they are cured of disease.[7] (In 1986, a biography was written about him by Habibu Sindhi and published by the Anjuman-i-Ghulaman-i-Mustafa).[8]

Shah Aqeeq Shrine out side view

Spiritual surgeonEdit

shah aqeeq

Shah Aqeeq Baba is considered to be a spiritual surgeon in 'Sindh', Pakistan.[9] People having diseases like cancer, heart / lungs / liver / brain diseases or any other diseases (even if doctors have denied) from all over the country even from outside the country come here for treatments. The treatment is followed by annunciations.Following the annunciations is considered as important and necessary.[10]


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Further readingEdit

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