Sino-Indian border dispute

border dispute between China and India

The Sino-Indian border dispute is about several territories that are claimed by both the People's Republic of China and the Republic of India. The farthest west, Aksai Chin, is part of another dispute involving Pakistan. It is controlled by China but is claimed by the Government of India. They consider it part of the region of Xinjiang. It is a place where very few people live. The other large disputed territory is to the east. It is south of the McMahon Line. It used to be called the North East Frontier Agency. It is now called South Tibet. The McMahon Line was part of the 1914 Simla Convention between British India and Tibet. China rejected the agreement.[1]

Disputes along the Himalayan border change

Former Kingdom of Sikkim change

In 1975 India annexed the territory of Sikkim. This was rejected by China. Today, the Sikkim-China border's most northern point, "The Finger", is still disputed.[2]

References change

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