South Korea MERS outbreak

outbreak of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus in South Korea

The spreading of Mers-CoV was first detected in South Korea in 2015, the virus that causes the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), is a new outbreak as "betacoronavirus" was also first detected in a patient in Saudi Arabia in April 2012, The spread recorded to reach 186 cases.

2015 South Korea Mers-CoV epidemic
South Korea on the right where the epicenter of MERS 2015
LocationSouth Korea
First outbreakJeddah, Saudi Arabia
Index caseSeoul
Arrival dateMayo 20, 2015
Middle East respiratory syndrome outbreak
2015 South Korea Mers-CoV epidemic
Hospital where confirmed MERS cases were exposed
Location where confirmed MERS cases visited[1]
Date20 May 2015 – 28 July 2015
LocationTimog Korea
  • Mga kaso: 186
  • Patay: 38[2]





The outbreak in South Korea was the first MERS case on May 20, 2015. A 68-year-old man returned to the Middle East to be diagnosed with MERS within 9 days and initially sought medical help to prevent the spread of the disease. strain virus.

Next, the statistical number of those infected on 20 May 2015 was shown, based on the official report of the Central MERS Management Task Force, Ministry of Health and Welfare.


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