Stephen Guernsey Cook Ensko

American silver expert (1896–1969)

Stephen Guernsey Cook Ensko (May 9, 1896 – December 18, 1969) also known as Stephen G.C. Ensko, was an expert on American antique silver. His book is the standard reference work for antique silver.[1]


Ensko was born in 1896 in New York City to Robert Ensko (1855-1934) and Mary Elizabeth Blakeley (1857-?). He married Dorothea (1892-1977) on June 4, 1918 in Manhattan. They had three children: Dorothea Charlotte Ensko (1920- ) who married Vernon Charles Wyle (1913-1986);[2] Stephen W. Ensko (1922-c1945), who was a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army who was killed in action in World War II; and Alice Elizabeth Ensko (1924-1999), who married George M. Kellar II on December 24, 1944, and later married Alfred Woodward (1913-2007), the Illinois judge.[3][4]

Ensko registered for the draft on June 5, 1918 but he did not serve. At the time he was working as an antique dealer at 598 Madison Avenue. He lived in Freeport, New York on Long Island.[5] In 1930 Ensko was living at 40-20 205th Street, Bayside, in Queens, and had a servant living in the household.[6] Robert Ensko, Inc. silver was being advertised in The Antiquarian Magazine in March and April 1930.[7] At the death of his father in 1934, Ensko took over Robert Ensko, Inc. which had its showroom at 682 Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. He continued to commission the creation of reproductions of antique silver, to be sold under the Ensko name.


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