Suffer (album)

album by Bad Religion

Suffer is the third album by American punk rock band Bad Religion. It was released on the Californian independent record label Epitaph Records on September 8, 1988. It was the first album that was both made and sold by the label.

Studio album by
ReleasedSeptember 8, 1988
RecordedApril 1988
StudioWestbeach Recorders, Hollywood
ProducerBad Religion
Bad Religion chronology
Back to the Known
No Control

After the release of the EP Back to the Known (1985), the band set some time apart to rest. Later, the original members got back together and went to work on its first full-length studio album in five years.

Similar to their next album No Control (1989), many people consider Suffer to be one of the best punk albums of the 1980s. The album became Epitaph's best-selling album for a number of years, until the release of The Offspring's popular Smash album in 1994. A large number of third-wave punk bands cite this album as a big influence on their work. NOFX's Fat Mike has called it "the record that changed everything."

Artwork Edit

The album cover shows a drawing of a teenager on fire. He is wearing a t-shirt of Bad Religion's crossbuster logo that was designed by Jerry Mahoney. The person on the cover is used by the band as a mascot. "Boy on Fire" is the mascot's name. It can also be seen on Bad Religion accessories, including t-shirts. The cover art was also made fun of for NOFX's Surfer EP, which showed a surfer on fire.

Track listing Edit

Side one
No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "You Are (The Government)"  Graffin 1:21
2. "1000 More Fools"  Gurewitz 1:34
3. "How Much Is Enough?"  Gurewitz 1:22
4. "When?"  Graffin 1:38
5. "Give You Nothing"  Graffin, Gurewitz 2:00
6. "Land of Competition"  Graffin 2:04
7. "Forbidden Beat"  Graffin, Gurewitz 1:56
8. "Best for You"  Graffin 1:53
Side two
No. TitleWriter(s) Length
9. "Suffer"  Graffin, Gurewitz 1:47
10. "Delirium of Disorder"  Gurewitz 1:38
11. "Part II (The Numbers Game)"  Gurewitz 1:39
12. "What Can You Do?"  Graffin 2:44
13. "Do What You Want"  Gurewitz 1:05
14. "Part IV (The Index Fossil)"  Graffin 2:02
15. "Pessimistic Lines"  Graffin 1:07

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References Edit

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