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Swiss Grand Prix

Formula 1 Grand Prix

The Swiss Grand Prix (French: Grand Prix de la Suisse, German: Großartiges Prix von der Schweiz) was the motor race of Switzerland. In its later years it was a Formula One race.

Flag of Switzerland.svg Swiss Grand Prix
Dijon-Prenois (France)
Dijon-Prenois Circuit.svg
Race information
Laps 80
Circuit length 3.800 km
Race length 304.000 km
Number of times held 16
First held 1934, First F1-1950
Last held 1982
Most wins (drivers) Germany Rudolf Caracciola (3)
Most wins (constructors) Germany Mercedes-Benz (5)
Last race (1982):
Pole position France Alain Prost
Podium 1. Finland Keke Rosberg
2. France Alain Prost
3. Austria Niki Lauda
Fastest lap France Alain Prost

Grand Prix racing started in Switzerland in 1934. The Bremgarten circuit was just outside the town of Bremgarten, near Bern. The Swiss Grand Prix counted toward the European Championship from 1935 to 1939.

The Bremgarten track remained the home of the Swiss Grand Prix until 1954. In 1958, motor racing was banned by the Swiss government as an unsafe spectator sport. The was in reaction following the death of 80 people at the 1955 24 Hours of Le Mans race. The Swiss Grand Prix did return for two more races, but at the Dijon-Prenois circuit, just across the border in France. In 1975 it was a non-Championship Grand Prix. One Championship F1 race was held in 1982.

Winners of the Swiss Grand PrixEdit