Tarun Sagar

Indian Jain monk (1967—2018)

Muni Tarun Sagar (26 June 1967 – 1 September 2018) was an Indian Digambara monk and political advisor.

Tarun Sagar
Sagar in July 2011
Date of birth(1967-06-26)26 June 1967
Place of birthGuhanchi, Madhya Pradesh, India
Birth namePawan Kumar Jain
Date of death1 September 2018(2018-09-01) (aged 51)
Place of deathNew Delhi, India

His lectures are known as Kadve Pravachan (bitter discourses) because they can be critical of common practices and views.[1] His lectures have been published in book series also titled Kadve Pravachan. His audience often includes a majority of non-Jains.[source?]

Early life change

Tarun Sagar was born as Pawan Kumar Jain on 26 June 1967 in Madhya Pradesh, India.[2][3] He became Kshullak at the age of 13 and Muni as a pupil of Acharya Pushpdant Sagar at the age of 20.[4]

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Tarun Sagar was known for supporting the ban on liquor, leather and meat in India.[5] He began to publish speeches under the title Kadve Pravachan (Bitter Discourse) starting in 2003 in Ahmedabad.[6]

Tarun Sagar delivered his sermons Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly in 2010 and in Haryana Legislative Assembly on 26 August 2016.[7][8][9]

He was known as a "progressive Jain monk" for his criticism of violence, corruption and conservatism, and his speeches came to be called "Katu Pravachan".[10]

Famous quotes change

  • Jealousy fetches you nothing.[11]
  • Don't be egoistic because of your money![12]
  • Dharma seems necessary?[13]
  • Where there is bickering, there is hell[14]

Politics change

While Jain monks often did not want to be related with politicians, Sagar often met politicians and government officials as a guest.[15] He has delivered his sermons Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly in 2010 and in Haryana Legislative Assembly on 26 August 2016.[7]

Sagar was respected by Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and Modi would award him Tarun Kranti Puraskar in 2012.[16]

Criticisms change

In August 2016, Tarun Sagar was invited to address the Haryana Assembly by both the ruling BJP and the opposition Congress party members.[17][18] He talked about social and political issues and evoked applause and laughter from lawmakers.[19] The event caused a number of tweets critical of Muni Tarun Sagar because of his nudity.[20]

He once said that Jihad is a conspiracy to convert Hindu girls into Muslims.[21][22] He was also against Muslim practice in India.[source?]

Death change

Tarun Sagar died on 1 September 2018 from complications of jaundice in New Delhi, India at the age of 51.[23]

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