This template tags pages for quick deletion.


There are a few possible variables for each deletion reason.

Parameters Edit

{{QD|1=A1|2=only a test page|3=test page|editor=Exampleuser}}

will show

Deletion reasons Edit

All pages Edit

  • Nonsense: non/G1/nonsense
  • Test page: test/G2/test page
  • Vandalism: vand/G3/vandalism
  • Recreation of deleted article: recreation/G4/deleted/already deleted
  • Created by banned or blocked user/G5/blocked
  • Housekeeping: G6/housekeeping/house
  • Author requests deletion or blanked the page: G7/author/author deletion/blank
  • Talk pages of pages that do not exist: G8/Orphaned/talk/talkpage
  • Attack page: G10/attack/attack page
  • Advertising: G11/advert/advertising/spam
  • Copyright infringement: G12/copyright/copyright infringement/copyvio

Articles Edit

  • Little/no meaning: A1/meaning/no meaning/no context
  • No content: A2/content/no content/empty
  • Article is transwikied: A3/transwiki
  • Does not say why it is notable: A4/notable/notability/NN/nn
  • Not in English: A5/english/not english
  • Hoax: A6/hoax

Redirects Edit

  • Broken redirect: R1/redirect/broken redirect
  • Redirects to the User: or User talk: namespace: R2/userredir/userredirect/user redirect
  • Redirects with an uncommon typo: R3/typo/uncommontypo/uncommon redirect

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