political leader of the Shawnee tribe

Tenskwatawa ({{IPAc-en|t|ə|n|s|k|w|ɒ|t|ɒ|w|e..[stress?] also called Tenskatawa, Tenskwatawah, Tensquatawa or Lalawethika) (January 1775 – November 1836) was a Native American religious and political leader of the Shawnee. He was known as the Prophet or the Shawnee Prophet.

He was a younger brother of Tecumseh, a leader of the Shawnee. In his early years Tenskwatawa was given the name Lalawithika ("He Makes a Loud Noise", "The Noise Maker", or "The Rattle") by the Red Sticks, a faction of the Muscogee.[1]

He fought in the Battle of Tippecanoe.


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