Battle of Fallen Timbers

battle fought in 1794

The Battle of Fallen Timbers (20 August 1794) was the last battle of the Northwest Indian War. The battle was between the Native Americans of the Northwest Indian Confederacy and the United States. British were allied with the Natives. The battle was in northeastern Ohio. There had been a tornado. The tornado ripped down trees. That is where the name Fallen Timbers comes from. General Anthony Wayne led the United States. General Charles Scott supported Wayne with the Kentucky Militia. Blue Jacket was the Shawnee Chief and military leader. Egushawa was chief and

Battle of Fallen Timbers
Part of the Northwest Indian War

Charge of the Dragoons at Fallen Timbers by R. T. Zogbaum, 1895
Date20 August 1794
41°32′39″N 83°41′51″W / 41.54417°N 83.69750°W / 41.54417; -83.69750

United States victory

 United States Western Confederacy
Kingdom of Great Britain Lower Canada
Commanders and leaders
Anthony Wayne
James Wilkinson
Jean Hamtramck
Charles Scott
Blue Jacket
Little Turtle
Kingdom of Great Britain William Caldwell
3,000 1,300
Casualties and losses
33 killed
100 wounded
25–40 killed
Battle of Fallen Timbers is located in Ohio
Battle of Fallen Timbers
Battle of Fallen Timbers
Location within Ohio

military leader of the Ottawas. The battle only lasted about one hour. The Natives lost against the United States. Natives had to give up their lands in the Northwest Territory in the Treaty of Greenville and Jay's Treaty (1795).[1][2]

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