The Crusher (album)

album by Amon Amarth

The Crusher was the third full-length album by the Death Metal band Amon Amarth. It was released on May 8 2001 by Metal Blade Records. A deluxe edition was released in 2009, remastered by Jens Bogren.

The Crusher
Studio album by
ReleasedMay 8, 2001
RecordedNovember 2000 at The Abyss in Pärlby
GenreMelodic death metal
LabelMetal Blade
ProducerPeter Tägtgren, Amon Amarth
Amon Amarth chronology
The Avenger
The Crusher
Versus the World

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Bastards of a Lying Breed"   5:33
2. "Masters of War"   4:35
3. "The Sound of Eight Hooves"   4:50
4. "Risen from the Sea (2000)"   4:26
5. "As Long as the Raven Flies"   4:04
6. "A Fury Divine"   6:36
7. "Annihilation of Hammerfest"   5:03
8. "The Fall Through Ginnungagap"   5:21
9. "Releasing Surtur's Fire"   5:30
10. "Eyes of Horror" (Possessed cover) 3:34
Total length:

ReviewsEdit gave the album 4 stars, saying that "Amon Amarth are, simply put, one of the best metal bands of this generation." [1] Allmusic also gave the album three and a half stars saying that "listeners who enjoy this kind of metal should certainly check out Amon Amarth, and The Crusher would be a good place to start." [2]

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