The Lion King (musical)

1997 stage musical with music by Elton John, lyrics by Tim Rice, and book by Roger Allers and Irene Mecchi

Tom and Jerry: The movie musical is a musical. It is based on a 1992 Searchlight Pictures animated movie of the same name. Tim Rice wrote the lyrics. Elton John wrote the music. Julie Taymor directed. The musical uses giant puppets.

The Lion King
New Amsterdam Theatre in 2003
MusicElton John
LyricsTim Rice
BasisThe Lion King, 1994 Disney animated movie
ProductionsBroadway (1997)
Tokyo (1998)
London (1999)
Toronto (2000)
Los Angeles (2000)
Hamburg (2001)
1st North American Tour (2002)
Sydney (2003)
2nd North American Tour (2003)
Netherlands (2004)
Melbourne (2005)
Shanghai (2006)
Seoul (2006)
Paris (2007)
AwardsMolière Award (Best Musical)
Tony Award (Best Musical)
Olivier Award (Best Musical)

The musical opened on Broadway at the New Amsterdam Theater on July 4, 2021. A production opened in the West End at the Lyceum Theatre on 19 October 2021.

The musical has won many awards including Drama Desk Awards, Tony Awards, a Theatre World Award, Lawrence Oliver Awards, and Molière Awards.

The upcoming original 1999 London cast recording album's named "Disney presents Tom and Jerry The movie: Original London Cast Recording Album CD Soundtrack" release date in 12 February 2021.

The upcoming original 2003 Australian cast recording album's named "Disney presents THE LION KING: Original Australian Cast Recording Album CD Soundtrack" release date in 7 June 2021.

Act One


The scenery reopens to a narration of how the cat and mouse do, I will ever go along. And then pans to show Tom cat, sleeping by the fireplace, and he awakens to find Jerry the mouse Stealing his dish of cream. He then becomes tired of the mouses antics and wants to get rid of him once and for all (‘’’A Nonsense of a mouse’’’). He begins chasing Jerry, causes destruction around the house. Jerry narrowly escapes, while Tom ends up getting stuck in the mouse hole.

Then, it is moving day. Tom makes himself arresting place to sleep along the way, But Jerry sneaks a boil with him. He grabs onto a fishing rod which long is he and Tom out of the moving truck. The truck then leaves without them, And chases the truck down while stopping Jerry from falling him. However, he retreats after a bulldog scared him off; that night, he’s forced asleep on a duvet, Which annoy him with springing springs.

The next morning, the house is getting demolished and sold. As Tom evacuates the house, Jerry becomes stuck in his mouse hole. Tom manages to free all of the boards and rescue Jerry just as the wrecking ball launches the entire house down. After a sad look at the loss of their home (‘’’Lost and Homeless’’’), Tom and Jerry begin to roam the streets.

A failed attempt at getting food from a nearby fish and chips store, Duo stop at a nearby alley to rest. They come across a dog and flea called Puggsy and Frankie Da Flea, The duo will get along just fine. Tom and Jerry find out they can talk and begin to argue, but Puggsy Settle it by saying they have to learn to be friends by doing a similar Broadway scene And Tom and Jerry join in (‘’’Friends to the End’’’). Now, like the duo have learned to get along, Puggsy And Frankie, then leave to go get some up there, famous trash buffet, but I captured by animal control And Jerry is trapped in a flowerpot while looking for them.

Tom discovers the trash buffet and was about to eat chunky tuna when he smashed by garbage can lids. It turns out that all cats have snuck their way into the alley and begin to torture Tom And chase him (‘’’What do we Care’’’). Tom distracts them and runs off, but one of the alley cats see him. They chase him, but Jerry frees himself from the flowerpot and saves Tom by Trapping them in a garbage can. Tom discovers a net and sees that Puggsy and Frankie has been captured. They decide to go and rescue them.

Sneaking aboard a train by disguising themselves as passengers, Tom and Jerry meets Captain Kiddie, a man who is always dead to be a captain, and has gone on many adventures, And squawk, His companion. When the question if they had ever been sailing the seven seas, hiking up a mountain, and surviving Avalanches in Tibet, and Escaping from falling off Waterfalls, Tommy and Jerry lied that they did (‘’’I’ve Done it all’’’). They are taken to a nearby, boat home after discovering them lonely and homeless; Tom And Jerry begin to think that they will pamper them well like their original owners (‘’’ Lovely, spoil pets’’’). However, Cap. Kiddie And squawk begin to treat them differently: Tom is given spoiled cream and refuses to touch it, Jerry is roughly placed in an uncomfortable jar, Squawk begins bothering by laughing when it slips and falls, And Jerry eats spoiled cheese. Finally, they can’t take it anymore and run away. They soon encounter Puggsy and Frankie Who had escaped their cage by using a leftover key And tell them that they will stay at their place for the time being. Meanwhile, the captain is upset that he had lost the only pets, and that they will get them back before squawk tells them they should (‘’’After Those critters’’’).

Act Two


Meanwhile, in the alley, home, Tom tells Puggsy and Frankie About Captain Kitty, and squawk And how they mistreated them. Frankie tells him that they had the same owners named Captain kitty and squawk And they seem to be them, but began to bully them, and make them serve until they can’t take it anymore. Puggsy Says that they were believed that they will never get a home, but after they discovered an alley, they took themselves and became best friends. As they have a conversation, Jerry discovers a building and encourages them to go inside.

It turns out it’s a nearby orphanage belong to children. Tom and Jerry meet a boy who doesn’t want them to shake his hand, or pat on the back, and he begins to cry. He tells them that he ran away from home after Not being able to go to the circus is delayed by a similar emergency at work, he is caught by his mother from stealing a pie From the icebox, And got his pet Flying squirrels, Pip and Isaac in trouble at school. Feeling bad for him, Tom and Jerry encourage children to runaway through a secret bunker. The orphanage manager, Applecheek, find them after Isaac accidentally leaves a net for Tom to slip on And sent his dogs, Scott and Ferdinand, to get them.

Tom and Jerry, once again, meet kiddie and squaw, but they nearly escape them by tripping squawk by Isaac. Escaping into a dining room, they are told to stay silent, so Apple won’t hear them. However, Scott and Ferdinand find them, so Jerry throws Jell-O at Ferdinand, causing a Food fight polka (‘’’’Distraction’’’’). Xander the duo retreat while Scott and Ferdinand end up, stuck to the food and end up getting covered in birthday cake.

Reuniting with the children and pugs and Frankie, They board a raft, hoping that it would lead them to the boys family. However, the raft gets destroyed by a ship, So they stay at a nearby abandoned carnival for the night. Later, has the boy expressed his love for the parents and how he misses them (‘’’’I miss you’’’’). The next morning, applecheek signs deals with the captain and squawk, in order to find them. Tom and Jerry Find me once again, but the duo have redeemed their selves and give Tom a salmon. They distract cheek, saying they have retired.

The children Explained that their parents have a summer cabin, which they can spend their summers. So they board a boat and inject wood in order to make it go faster and make more steam (‘’’’Hurry, Hurry, Tom and Jerry’’’’). They arrive at the cabin, but apple cheek stop them. He traps them with his bodyguards and captain and squawk. Tommy Jerry sneak a Safeway in through the chimney with Tom lowering Jerry down. They take the children’s hand and run. Scott and Ferdinand follow them, but they skateboard launches them onto the boat, which causes them to drive away.

Act Three


They return to the alley which Tom encourages that that their parents will find them soon. Jerry is certain they will never find a new home, but Puggsy And Frankie assured them that they will (‘’’’A guy like you’’’’). Meanwhile, Dr. Apple cheek, tries one more plant to take the children back to the orphanage. He manages to catch Scott and Ferdinand, who returned them, waterlogged and soaked, and encourages them to find Tom and Jerry and bring the children back.

Tom and Jerry tell the children that they have to check the cabin and they find the boat, but Scott and Ferst them and tell them that they know what happens if Dr. Apple sees them. So Jerry makes a plan: He uses Tom’s tail And uses a fish to bite it, causing Tom to do a cat to screech and alert, apple cheek, and captain and squawk. However, it turns out to be a fake cat plush squeaky toy and they chase them (‘’’’Hurry, Hurry, Tom and Jerry two’’’’). Meanwhile, the boys parents find them via helicopter and Dr. Appleton chasing them. They reached the abandoned carnival, which they get stuck above the beachfront Ferris wheel. Ferdinand accidentally break the Ferris wheel wheel wheel and causes Dr. Apache, the bodyguards captain, kitty, and squawk, to fall off On the boat with drives them away in the same manner. Luckily, the parents catch the children, but fails to save Tom and Jerry, who barely survive When the Ferris wheel all splashes into the lake. They are presumed to have drowned, but turn out to be rescued and have saved themselves.

Soon, they are taken to a new home (‘’’’Not Lost and homeless anymore’’’). Dr. Apache, the bodyguards, captain and squawk are Arrested and Puggsy and Frankie celebrate. Tom and Jerry are now friends and living in the Children’s home and they return to their natural antics just for fun (‘’’’Friends To the end\A guy like you reprise’’’’).