The Mighty Boosh

British television comedy series

The Mighty Boosh is a British comedy television series that was shown on BBC Three. It was also a radio programme. Since the television series, there have been live tours of it.

The Mighty Boosh
The Cast of the Mighty Boosh
MediumTheatre, radio, television
NationalityBritish (4 members)
American (1 member)
Years active1998–present
GenresDouble act, surreal humour
Subject(s)The Mighty Boosh during their live show
InfluencesThe Goodies, Mr Benn
Notable works and rolesThe Mighty Boosh (stage show, 1998)
Arctic Boosh (1999)
Autoboosh (2000)
The Boosh (2001)
The Mighty Boosh (TV series, 2004–2007)
The Mighty Boosh Live (2006)
MembersJulian Barratt
Noel Fielding
Dave Brown
Michael Fielding
Rich Fulcher
WebsiteThe Mighty Boosh Online

The first series is about two zookeepers called Howard and Vince. The second series is also about them but is set in a flat. The third is set in a shop.


Fielding first met Barratt after seeing him perform his solo stand-up performance at the Hellfire Comedy Club in the Wycombe Swan theatre.[1] The pair soon found that they shared comic interests, formed a double act, and "decided to be the new Goodies".[2] After their first performance together at a bar in London in April 1998, Barratt and Fielding developed their zookeeper characters - Howard Moon and Vince Noir, respectively - in a series of sketches for Paramount Comedy’s Unnatural Acts. It was here that they also met Rich Fulcher, who would become Bob Fossil. Fielding’s friend Dave Brown and Fielding's own brother Michael also became regular collaborators.

The Boosh soon produced three stage shows - The Mighty Boosh (1998), Arctic Boosh (1999) and Autoboosh (2000) - all of them were at the Edinburgh Fringe. With the success of Autoboosh, a radio series was commissioned by the BBC. Produced by Danny Wallace, The Boosh was first broadcast in 2001 on BBC London Live, later moving to BBC Radio 4, from which the team were given a half-hour television show of the same name.

The first eight-part series, directed by Paul King, was then commissioned for BBC Three and broadcast in 2004, with a second of six episodes the following year. The second series moved away from the zoo setting, and instead Howard, Vince, Naboo the shaman and Bollo the talking ape living in a flat in Dalston.[3] In 2006, the Boosh returned to theatre with The Mighty Boosh Live, which featured a new story entitled "The Ruby of Kukundu".

After two years, the Boosh returned to the television in November 2007. Set in Naboo’s second-hand shop below the flat, the third series drew in approximately one million viewers with its first episode,[4] and in light of its success, BBC Three broadcast an entire night of The Mighty Boosh on March 22, 2008, which included a new documentary and six of Barratt and Fielding's favourite episodes from all three series.

There will not be a fourth series till at least 2010 because they will be working upon a movie. This movie has been confirmed by the BBC.[5]


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