Three Dollar Bill, Y'all

Limp Bizkit album

Three Dollar Bill, Y'all$ is the debut studio album by American nu metal band, Limp Bizkit. Three Dollar Bill, Y'all$ was released on July 1, 1997.

Three Dollar Bill, Yall$
Studio album by
ReleasedJuly 1, 1997
RecordedMay 1997
GenreNu metal, rapcore, rap metal
ProducerRoss Robinson
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, Y'all$
Three Dollar Bill, Yall$ ''Significant Other

The album featured the singles "Counterfeit", "Sour", and a cover of George Michaels' song "Faith". Guitarist Wes Borland said in an interview that George Michael hated Limp Bizkit's cover and "hates us for doing it".[1]

The album had attracted controversy when Interscope Records paid a Portland, Oregon radio station $5,000 to play the single "Counterfeit" fifty times which attracted criticism of "payola" toward both the band and the label.[2]


No. Title Length
1. "Intro"    
2. "Pollution"    
3. "Counterfeit"    
4. "Stuck"    
5. "Nobody Loves Me"    
6. "Sour"    
7. "Stalemate"    
8. "Clunk"    
9. "Faith"    
10. "Stinkfinger"    
11. "Indigo Flow"    
12. "Leech"    
13. "Everything"    


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