bread that has been browned to a crisp-like texture

Toast is bread which has been grilled until hot and crispy. A toaster, grill or open fire is used. Toasted bread is both darker in color and crunchier than normal bread. Toast can be eaten with a range of condiments spread on the surface, such as butter, jam, honey, and cheese to make cheese on toast, though these are optional as some people prefer their toast without condiments (dry toast).

A slice of bread, untoasted (left) and toasted (right)
Main ingredientsSliced bread

Toast can also be used to make 'toasties', where a filling is compressed and heated between two slices of buttered bread in a toastie maker. Popular fillings include cheese, jam, peanut butter and chocolate spread.[1]



Before the invention of modern cooking appliances such as toasters and grills, bread has been produced in ovens for millennia. Toast can be made in the same oven.

Many brands of sliced bread are available, some specifically marketing their suitability for toasting.


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