Totally Spies! The Movie

2009 film by Pascal Jardin

Totally Spies! The Movie (known as Totally Spies! Le film in France) is a 2009 French - Canadian animated action comedy movie. The movie is part of the Totally Spies! series. It tells the beginnings of the three secret agents, how they met and their first mission as members of WOOHP.

Totally Spies! The Movie
Directed byPascal Jardin II
Written byRobert Lamoreaux
Michelle Lamoreaux
Based onTotally Spies!
by Vincent Chalvon-Demersay and David Michel
Produced byMichelle Lamoreaux
(executive producer)
Robert Lamoreaux
(executive producer)
David Michel
Vincent Chalvon-Demersay
Daniel Marquet
Music byMaxime Barzel
Paul-Étienne Côté
Distributed byMarathon Media Group
Release dates
  • 22 July 2009 (2009-07-22) (France)
  • 13 July 2013 (2013-07-13) (Canada)
Running time
75 minutes
Box office$1.3 million

Cast change

Clover Sam Alex Gery Wolf man

Plot change

Three newcomers, Sam, Clover and Alex, come to Los Angeles and meet by chance, because they are entering the same high school. They are in fact followed closely by a secret agency, the WOOHP, who will recruit them for three seasoned spies. They agree to go through spy training and within 48 hours, they have completed it.

After training, they are thrown into their first mission when rockstars have been abducted. They go to Wolfman's building and later find that each went through a make over by a mysterious machine called the "Fabulizor". They later see that everyone at school also had gone through the Fabulizor and Oinky ends up going through the Fabulizor too. They are almost blasted by one of Fabu's minions in a fighter jet after avoiding Miss Skritch as they sneak back into school. Tailing Mandy that night, they find that all of those who went through the Fabulizor became hypnotized by a special chip in their cheek bones. They then meet the mastermind behind the entire affair, Fabu, a runway model who quickly lost his fame. The spies accidentally expose themselves and are captured by Fabu's strongest henchmen. He then relates his entire plan, to abduct everyone who went through the Fabulizor and place them inside a special space station which he calls Fabutopia; then use a missile to destroy all of Earth, before using his Fabulizor in reverse and give the girls each horrible make overs. He then sets them to be blasted back to Earth in rockets. But when Tad meets the girls again, they are still imprisoned and he says he will let them fail the mission and stop Fabu himself, taking all the credit and regaining his "favorite agent" status with Jerry.

But after a fight with Fabu, Tad is strapped to the missile bound for Earth. The girls manage to escape and go after Fabu. They are unable to stop the missile from taking off but hitch a ride as it is rocketing towards Earth with Tad still attached to it. They are able to turn the missile around to destroy the station and Alex whacks at the control panel with the WOOHP manual. They then are picked up by a surprise appearance from Jerry in one of WOOHP's ships and rescue the kidnapped people from aboard the station and evacuate safely, including Oinky. They are finally reunited with Alex before the missile explodes and destroys the station in a firework finale. They then chase after Fabu's ship, manage to destroy it and catch Fabu and his Sphynx in his escape pod. After the mission, Alex is invited for a session with Wolfman and Clover is offered a date by Rob Hearthrob over the phone.

Miss Skritch had been transferred to another school in Antarctica in an igloo, Fabu, his henchmen and Tad are later imprisoned and set for punishment by WOOHP and everyone who was rescued from aboard Fabu's space station have their minds erased (including Mandy). But just after the girls celebrate getting even with Mandy for the last time, courtesy of one of WOOHP's gadgets, they are sucked away to another mission. The girls are quick to bring up personal appointments, but soon find themselves running from a WOOHP jet as it prepares to suck them aboard. But the girls are ready for their mission as they change into their spy uniforms and exclaim their friendship as the movie ends.

Voice cast change

Character name (English, if different)[1] Original French voice actor[2][3] English voice actor[4]
Samantha "Sam" Claire Guyot Tress MacNeille
Clover Fily Keita Andrea Baker
Alexandra "Alex" Celine Mauge Katie Griffin
Jerald "Jerry" Lewis Jean-Claude Donda Adrian Truss
Mandy Celine Mauge Jennifer Hale
Fabu Karl Lagerfeld Joris Jarsky
Tad Emmanuel Garijo Jay Schramek[5]
Madame Scritch (Mrs. Scritch) Perrette Pradier Barbara Budd
Peppy Garou (Peppy Wolfman) Thierry Mercier Walker Boon
Groin Groin (Oinky)    
Rob Idole (Rob Hearthrob) Donald Reignoux Lyon Smith
Yuri Antoine Tomé Jason Gray

Release change

Theatrical change

The movie was released in France on 22 July 2009 in 272 theatres. On 14 October 2009 the movie hit the Netherlands and stayed there for seven weeks. On 10 March 2010 the movie came out on DVD in the Netherlands.

DVD change

DVD of the movie in its original language, French, was released in France on the 3rd of February through Fox Pathe Europa. It topped charts in the French Amazon in the week of its release.

Vendetta Films, a new New Zealander film distributing company, has recently confirmed the release date of the Totally Spies: The Movie! DVD. It will be released on 1 April, nothing else has being announced. Vendetta can ship overseas. It was also announced that it will cost $24.99 NZD. Marathon currently has no plans to release it in any North American country other than Mexico. On 30 March 2010, news was obtained that Cartoon Network have the rights to release the Totally Spies! The Movie in America including the spin-off, The Amazing Spiez!

Television change

The film aired on Disney Channel Asia on 27 February 2010 later on Adult Swim in United States and Teletoon in Canada. The Film also premiered on TF1 in France.

Awards change

The Film was awarded 2011 kidscreen [6]

References change

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