Treaties of Fort Stanwix

1768 treaty between Great Britain and Iroquois Six Nations

The Treaties of Fort Stanwix (1768, 1784) were treaties between Iroquois Confederacy and British and Americans.[1] The Iroquois gave up lands in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia, and New York. The first treaty (1768) was between the Iroquois and the British. It created the Line of Property between Iroquois tribes and the Thirteen colonies. Colonists and the Penn Family got lands in Pennsylvania. This changed the former Royal Proclamation of 1763.[2] The second treaty (1784) was after the American Revolution and between the Iroquois and the United States. Americans wanted to expand westward. They realized that the Line of Property was not enough. This treaty weakened the Iroquois.[3]

A portion of the 1768 Fort Stanwix Treaty line, showing the boundary in New York

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Map showing Pennsylvania and the territory involved in the two purchases of 1768 and 1784.
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