Trent Reznor

American musician, singer, songwriter, record producer and composer

Trent Reznor (born Michael Trent Reznor) (May 17, 1965) is an American singer and musician. He is the creator of the band Nine Inch Nails. For a long time, he was the only member of Nine Inch Nails. That changed in 2016, when Atticus Ross became an official member of the band. He sings and plays most of the music himself. He also writes all of the lyrics.

Trent Reznor

Reznor started playing music when he learned the piano, which he started when he was five years old. He was so good he could maybe have become a pianist if he had wanted to. He also learned saxophone and tuba.

He joined his first band when he was in college, called Option 30. He moved to Cleveland, Ohio, USA in 1985 and joined a band called The Innocent where he played keyboard. In 1986 he joined another band, The Exotic Birds.

He got a job as a cleaner at a music recording studio called Right Track Studio which is now called Midtown Recording. He sometimes used the studio to record songs which later went on his first album Pretty Hate Machine. When the studio heard how good he was, he quit his job as a cleaner and made the band Nine Inch Nails. Their albums since then have been Broken (1992), The Downward Spiral (1994), The Fragile (1999), With Teeth (2005), Year Zero (2007), Ghosts I-IV (2008), The Slip (2008), Hesitation Marks (2013), and Bad Witch (2018).