fourth-generation home video game console

The TurboGrafx 16 was a video game console. It was originally released on 30 October 1987 in Japan and 29 August 1989 in North America. It was also known as PC Engine in some areas of the world. It was made by Hudson Soft and NEC. It was the first game console ever to have a compact disc (CD) add-on.

It was the first console marketed in the fourth generation era, usually known as the 16-bit era. This means it competed with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the Sega Genesis. The console has an 8-bit central processing unit (CPU) with a 16-bit graphics processor.

In Europe, the console is known as the PC Engine, after the Japanese model was imported and distributed in the United Kingdom and France from 1988. In Japan, the system was a competitor to the Famicom, but the delayed United States release meant that it ended up competing with the Sega Genesis and later the Super NES.