Turkish lira

currency of Turkey

The Turkish lira (Currency sign: Lira (until 1 March 2012: TL); Turkish: Türk lirası; ISO 4217: TRY)[2] is the currency of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (recognised only by Turkey). The Turkish lira is subdivided into 100 kuruş.

Turkish lira
Türk lirası (in Turkish)
1 Coin
Lira1 Coin
ISO 4217 Code TRY (TRL was used before 2005)
User(s)  Turkey
 Northern Cyprus
Northern Syria
Inflation 8.88% CPI, 4.56% PPI
August 2012
Source Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
Symbol [1]
Freq. used 5kr, 10kr, 25kr, 50kr, Lira1
Rarely used 1kr
Freq. used Lira5, Lira10, Lira20, Lira50, Lira100
Rarely used Lira200
Central bank Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
Website www.tcmb.gov.tr
Printer CBRT Banknote Printer
Website www.tcmb.gov.tr
Mint Turkish State Mint
Website www.darphane.gov.tr


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