Twisted Metal III

1998 video game

Twisted Metal III (also known by its former name Twisted Metal 3) is a vehicular combat video game that was both published and developed by 989 Studios. It is the third game in the Twisted Metal series. It was only released on the PlayStation and was only released in North America. The game was released on October 31, 1998 in North America for PlayStation.[1] It was rereleased in 1999 as part of the Sony Greatest Hits lineup.

Twisted Metal III
Developer(s)989 Studios
Publisher(s)989 Studios
Producer(s)Ken George Edit this on Wikidata
Composer(s)Rob Zombie Edit this on Wikidata
SeriesTwisted Metal Edit this on Wikidata
Genre(s)Vehicular combat
Mode(s)Single player



IGN rated the game a 4 out of 10 and said that "with the exception of the four-player combat and Rob Zombie's hard-rock soundtrack -- the two great things about the game -- Twisted Metal 3 is a middle-of-the-road game that unfortunately doesn't do anything more than the first two games. In fact, it's just plain old hat."[3]

GameSpot's Joe Fielder said that the game's soundtrack by Rob Zombie and Pitchshifter was "fitting" but he criticized the "lackluster" level design and "strange" physics engine. He advised readers to check out Activision's Vigilante 8 or GT Interactive's Rogue Trip: Vacation 2012 instead.[4]


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