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UEFA Europa League

annual association football club competition organized by UEFA since 1971

The UEFA Europa League (Founded at 1955 and in 1972 in this currect format) is a tournament for teams that did not make the UEFA Champions League. They qualify by being not the best in the country and not making the best competition. For example in England, teams that finish after the first four teams can go to the Europa League. There is another option, which if you finish 3rd in the UEFA Champions League Group Stage, in to the last 32 in the Europa League, or being eliminated from the Playoff Round in the UEFA Champions League (The ousted team goes straight into the UEFA Europa League Group Stage), and the 3rd option is when a club which being eliminated from the UEFA Champions League 3rd round (Into the UEFA Europa League Playoff Round) The Europa League is a new version of the UEFA cup. The Europa League was started in 2009. The winner of the UEFA Europa League plays the winner of the UEFA Champions League in the UEFA Super Cup.

The current cup holders are the Spanish team Atlético Madrid, who defeated French Guns [Olympique de Marseille]] in the 2018 final. From 2009 the tournament name was changed to UEFA Europa League from UEFA Cup. The most successful clubs in the history of the competitions are Juventus, Liverpool, Inter Milan and Sevilla.

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