University of Leeds

university in Leeds, United Kingdom

The University of Leeds (sometimes called Leeds University) is a university in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK. It first started in 1831 with the opening of a school to teach medicine which was one of the first outside of London, Oxford, and Cambridge.

University of Leeds
MottoLatin: et augebitur scientia
Motto in English
"and knowledge will be increased"
Established1904 - University of Leeds
1887 - gained University Status as part of Victoria University
1831 - Leeds School of Medicine
Endowment£49.28 million[1]
ChancellorThe Lord Bragg
Vice-ChancellorProfessor Michael Arthur
VisitorThe Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP
As Lord President of the Council
Location, ,
CampusUrban, Suburban
NewspaperLeeds Student
Green, Red, Black, Beige[3]
Association of MBAs
N8 Group
The Russell Group
Santander Network
Universities UK
White Rose Consortium
Parkinson Building

Today one of the UK's leading universities. It is a member of the Russell Group. The university is one of two in the city, the other being Leeds Metropolitan University. The main campus is in the Woodhouse area of Leeds, close to Leeds City Centre.



The main campus is in the Woodhouse area of Leeds, which is about half a mile from the city centre. The campus has many older Victorial buildings such as the Great Hall, as well as some mid-twentieth century buildings such as the Parkinson Building. There are also many brutalist building on campus such as the Roger Stevens Building and the Edward Boyle Library. Recently, newer buildings have been added such as the Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Building.


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