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university in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The University of Sarajevo (Bosnian: Univerzitet u Sarajevu / Универзитет у Сарајеву) is a public university in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the largest and oldest university in the country.

University of Sarajevo
Univerzitet u Sarajevu
Универзитет у Сарајеву
Sarajevo University rector seat & Faculty of Law building, built in the 1850s.
Latin: Universitas Studiorum Saraievoensis
RectorRifat Škrijelj
Academic staff
AffiliationsEuropean University Association
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With 20 faculties, three academies and three faculties of theology and with 30,866 enrolled students as of 2014, it ranks among the largest universities in the Balkans in terms of enrollment. Since opening its doors in 1949, a total of 122,000 students received bachelor's degrees, 3,891 received master's degrees and 2,284 received doctorate degrees in 45 different fields.[1] It is now widely regarded as the most prestigious university in Bosnia and Herzegovina,[1] and employs more than one thousand faculty members.[2]

Objective change

The main objective of all the university's current activities is to raise the quality of studies, to create a contemporary university of European origins, which will be a respectable representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the international level and a promoter of the traditional, historical, cultural, scientific and artistic values of the country, and Southeastern Europe.

Organization change

Veterinary faculty
Faculty of natural science and mathematics
Faculty of philosophy
Academy of Fine Arts

The University comprises 32 faculties, academies and colleges, further subdivided into 6 academic groups, and an additional number of other programs:

Join Members
  • Faculty of Islamic Studies
  • Faculty of Catholic Theology
  • Faculty of Public Administration

Rectors change

The University of Sarajevo Faculty of Law building, built in the 1850s.
  • Vaso Butozan 1949-1950, 1952-1956
  • Drago Krndija 1950-1952
  • Edhem Čamo 1956-1960
  • Aleksandar Trumić 1960-1965
  • Fazli Alikalfić 1965-1969
  • Hamdija Čemerlić 1969-1972
  • Zdravko Besarović 1972-1977
  • Arif Tanović 1977-1981
  • Božidar Matić 1981-1985
  • Ljubomir Berberović 1985-1988
  • Nenad Kecmanović 1988-1991
  • Jusuf Mulić 1991-1993
  • Faruk Selesković 1993-1995
  • Nedžad Mulabegović 1995-2000
  • Boris Tihi 2000-2004
  • Hasan Muratović 2004-2006
  • Faruk Čaklovica 2006-2012
  • Muharem Avdispahić 2012-2016
  • Rifat Škrijelj 2016-present

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