University of Wisconsin System

university system of public universities in Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin System is the main public higher education system of the U.S. state of Wisconsin. It consists of 13 four-year campuses, a unit that operates 13 two-year colleges and an online campus. It also has an extension unit that offers courses in every county in the state.

Member campuses


Two of the campuses are "research universities" that award doctoral degrees:

Eleven other campuses are "comprehensive universities" that award bachelor's and Master's degrees:

The two-year campus system is known as the University of Wisconsin Colleges. Students who earn associate's degrees from any campus in this system are guaranteed a place at a four-year campus if they meet certain requirements. This system includes:

Note that this system is separate from the Wisconsin Technical College System. That is another public two-year college system in Wisconsin.

Finally, the University of Wisconsin–Extension provides college courses, plus farming and business help, in at least one place in every one of the state's 72 counties. It also runs the state's public radio and television networks.

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