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What my students think about the Apollo Moon landingsEdit

Asked whether they agree with the official version about the Apollo programme (1969–1972), i.e. whether U.S. astronauts have been on the Moon, my students responded in a secret vote "ballot" through a simple computer programme whose writing and testing was a part of the educational process (source code available on request), in a simple "dark room" emulation. The results follow:

Vote Number of votes Percentage
Yes, they've been on the Moon 21 33%
No, they haven't been on the Moon 29 46%
I don't know (or I'm not sure) 13 21%

This correlates relatively well with the results of the poll "Do you believe that man has set foot on the Moon?" at Otkacheno.info (page is in Bulgarian) where ≈40% say "That's an absolute lie".

The most secret space event in history: the Baikal flight (1992), the second and last flight of a Russian space shuttle ;-)Edit

(You can use http://www.online-translator.com/ to translate the above page from Russian.) You disbelieve? But you believe that NASA landed men on the Moon, given that anyone, even they, won't be able to do it again even 50 years later! What if nobody does 75 years later? Would you still believe? What about 100 years? Time clearly works against NASA.

GRU reports that Obama orders all on ‘red list’ disappeared by March 1st (see also Executive Order 13524)Edit

In what Russian Military Analysts are describing as a ‘stunning blow’ to the American people seeking to free their government from the grip of tyranny, a new report issued today by the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) is warning that President Obama has ordered that all dissident US Citizens be ‘effectively disappeared’ by March 1, 2010 as fears of civil war continue growing in that fast collapsing country.

So many warnings, in fact, have been given about the impending collapse into chaos and civil war about to overtake the USA that the GRU, for the first time, states in these reports that the “grim assessment” given by Prof. Igor Panarin of Russia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry's Diplomatic Academy of the collapse and breakup of the USA in 2010 is “more than prophetic, it's a certainty”.

[My note: The GRU and the KGB (now FSB) have always been rivals, just like the CIA and the FBI in the USA. If the GRU supports the view of an ex-KGB officer, which Panarin is, this means that their words must be taken deadly seriously.]