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Anne Lydia

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I am a user on this website. All the articles I change or make will be simple. Sorry for any mistakes I make. Please tell me about them on my talk page. Please note that I am not the user from the en wikipedia of the same name. I have a pet named Anne Lydia (just look left!) Beforehand, I want to say that the next three weeks, I might not be able to edit as much due to being busy in real life. :(. Here are the languages I speak, and the rate at which I speak them:

Changes change

My changes will mostly be about ancient cultures, geography, middle ages, ancient cultures (did I mention that already...), mythology, basically anything that has to do with earth's history or geography. Sometimes I'll edit book pages. Sometimes I go on Wikipedia crazy spells and click on the "show any page" button and won't leave a page until I have contributed to it. The most edits I've ever done in one day is 192 on June 14, 2007. My most recent accomplishment is reducing the category:cleanup needed to one page. My current project is reducing the list of orphaned pages to one page.

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